Why Choose Splash?

           We are a unique company in that we have built a store around our Ejuice. The main purpose of the store is to gain feedback so we may correct and refine each flavor to make a superior product. Each Splash Vapes Premium Ejuice flavor starts as an idea, several different recipes are created, steeped and aged, then finally the staff chooses a winner. The staff picks are compiled monthly and no more than 3 flavors at a time are released as testers, the new flavors have 1 month to perform. Each flavor will be tried by hundreds of customers over this time, Only the juices the sell very well and gather a true fan base are given a name and make the move to the menu, because of this method every flavor we offer has a true following and a proven track record of sales. Our stringent standards on flavor release paired with our buy back program leaves store owners will little to no risk when carrying Splash Vapes Premium Ejuice.



We offer quite aggressive wholesale programs for ejuice merchants. Please fill out form below.